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Are you from Australia? Looking for undergraduate, masters or PhD scholarships to study At home or abroad.

The world scholarship forum team has gone round to put together this list of scholarships to be able to help you finance your study to any level. Majorly these scholarships are fully funded and some of them are partially funded.

The country famous for kangaroos, surfing and koalas, but there is more to Australia. Australia covers an area of 7.69 million square kilometres. This makes it the 6th largest country in the world and home to over 23 million people. Its rich culture and history are founded on its Aboriginal heritage and blend of vibrant cultures. Australia is a global leader in education. This makes it a popular study destination for international students.

Why Study in Australia?

Studying in Australia offers a lot of opportunities. There are over 22,000 courses in 1,100 institutions across the country. This makes it highly likely that your preferred course will be available to study in Australia.

As well as having the quantity and variety, Australia leads in quality of education. Seven out of the top 100 unis in the world are in Australia. Their education system ranks 8th in the world, ahead of countries such as the UK, Germany, and Japan. The Australian education system is recognized as world-class.

Aside from these, Australia and its government invest in international education. For example, there is over $200,000,000 invested by the government every year for international scholarships. This makes studying in Australia more accessible for international students.

It is no wonder that Australia is the 3rd most popular student destination in the world!

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